how to market yourself online and get clients
Freelancing Advice: How to Market Yourself Online & Get More Clients

How do you intend to stand out from the crowd?  The question is existential, but it’s an important one. Half of all small businesses fail in five years, and solopreneurs’…

marketing automation strategy
How Small Businesses Can Refine Their Marketing Automation Strategy

Does your marketing automation strategy have the right focus on your sales funnel? The biggest mistake that most marketing automation systems have is a poorly constructed and poorly optimised top…

Convert Clients Through Email Marketing
3 Ways To Improve How You Connect With & Convert Clients Through Email Marketing

In a previous article I shared how you can discover what your customers really want, and to expand on that in this article I’m sharing specifics on simple things you…

Go From Stuck To Sales With This 1 Simple Yet Very Effective Marketing Tip To Help You Find Out What Customers Want

I’ve been getting a few questions from new clients lately that all generally come back to “How can I grow my business effectively?”1 simple question, hundreds of possible answers… BUT there are…

customer first
How a ‘Customer First’ Digital Marketing Strategy Can Grow Your Business

We all know that digital marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Harnessing the power of this multifaceted discipline can help you to make the…

5 Tips To Creating Email Marketing Campaigns That Reach The Inbox AND Actually Get Opened
5 Tips To Creating Email Marketing Campaigns That Reach The Inbox AND Actually Get Opened

Over the past few years, research has continued to prove the benefits of email marketing campaigns for business: low costs, high conversion rates and detailed tracking are all notable features….

Strategies to Build Engagement with Members
Strategies to Build Engagement with Members

Note: This is a guest article. So you’ve got a membership website and perhaps it’s not living up to the results you expected. Or maybe you’re thinking of building a…

productivity hacks
3 Productivity Hacks To Optimise & Grow Your Business

Productivity and efficiency are popular buzz words lately as more and more business owners try to make the most of their time during a busy day. No matter how hard…

hire your first virtual assistant
Outsource Your Way to Happiness: Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

If your business is sucking your happiness dry, it’s time to make some changes to alleviate your stress. One way to free up some of your time is to hire…

Impress Clients with Professional Business Proposal Templates

The face of business proposal creation is changing. And it seems to be evolving to a more web-based platform.  Not only do web-based business proposal templates offer more convenience but they’re…

do more less time online
Quiet Marketing: How To Do More With Less Time Online

Dani Gardner helps holistically minded solopreneurs articulate their message, stand out in the marketplace, and grow their business without having to be online all the time.  She believes that you…

Legal Essentials for Freelancers: Create a Solid Foundation to Grow Your Business

One of the most important elements of building your business is to start with a solid foundation. Making sure your freelance contract essentials are covered is a critical first step….