7 ways improve customer experience 404 error page
7 Ways You Can Improve Customer Experience On Your 404 Error Page

404 Pages. We’ve all seen them. And generally we all get a little frustrated when we come across one because it means that the link we clicked to find out more…

automation ruining customer experience
Is automation ruining your customer experience?

Automation is all the rage right now and it’s easy to see why. Let’s be honest; business owners are busy people and manual sales and marketing is hard, time-consuming, and…

Digital Marketer or VA – Who To Hire For Online Marketing

Recently I’ve seen quite a number of Virtual Assistant businesses offering digital marketing services… well it looks like that on the surface… so much so that as a Digital Marketer…

10 performance indicators to monitor in Google Analytics
10 Performance Indicators To Monitor In Google Analytics

Google Analytics. You may have heard of it, you may even have it installed on your website (and if you don’t I highly recommend you do – it’s free and…

increase buyer frequency
7 Ways To Improve Customer Buying Frequency

We’ve all heard the saying that retaining a customer and creating multi-buyers is a much easier and more cost efficient than acquiring a new customer. In fact, most sources estimate…

website work for you
Is your website working FOR you?

Contrary to popular belief, a website is not just about looking nice. Don’t get me wrong, an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, responsive website is important… BUT… a website is…

10 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Brand On Your Website
10 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Brand On Your Website

Want a great website? Consistency is your greatest weapon. Every minute it seems, there’s a new trend popping up in website design. Trends in branding, trends in layout, trends like parallax…

Important information to include in your Website Legals & Privacy Policy

Following on from Shalini Nandan’s recent post about the importance of having website legals, here are a number of aspects you will need to consider about your website and online…

10 Free WordPress Plugins Recommended For Every Business Website

Spending most of the last 10 years developing and managing many different websites I now have a nice array of go-to plugins to handle some of the basics on each…

Why you need website legals as a small-business owner

When you’re setting up a business—particularly if you’re a solopreneur—there’s always so much to do. You need a website, a brand, content, services or products, processes… the list goes on….

google analytics filters spam data
How to setup filters in Google Analytics for more accurate data

In Google Analytics, filters are used to segment the data to include only a specific subset of traffic, to exclude unwanted data, or to replace certain pieces of data. The…

22 factors that contribute to good SEO on your website

SEO is a hot topic. These days it’s an important part of any marketing strategy. So today I’m going to walk you through 22 factors that contribute to good SEO on…