customer behaviour trends
Customer Behaviour Trends You Need To Know If You Sell Online

It’s easy to see why more and more businesses are turning to e-commerce to provide their target markets with the products and services they need. Online shopping continues to rise,…

Best Customer Experience Quotes
48 of the Best Customer Experience Quotes for Online Entrepreneurs

More and more data is making it clear that stellar customer experience is what will set your business apart. Consequently, building a customer experience strategy for your business is critical,…

Digital Marketing Tips For Building Customer Rapport

There’s no doubt that digital marketing can be a helpful tool in growing your business and strengthening your relationship with your target market. But, just because you’re “doing” content marketing…

onboarding customer experience online business
Creating A Memorable Onboarding Customer Experience – A Strategy For Sustainable Business Success

The purpose of customer onboarding is similar to that of employee onboarding. Your goal is to make customers feel as if they have made the right choice to avoid churn….

How to Optimise Customer Touchpoints to Grow Your Business

What are customer touchpoints? They’re the many points of customer contact that your business encounters from beginning to end. This includes things like seeing your post on social media, visiting…

customer vs client vs consumer
The difference between Customer vs Client vs Consumer

Many marketing gurus use the terms customer, client, and consumer interchangeably. But it turns out that they all have slightly different meanings. Yes, people will understand what you mean if…

analysing customer experience in online business
Analysing Customer Experience – Where To Start & What To Review

When analysing the experience of your customers, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to review. Many of us grew up in a business environment which…

building customer connection in email marketing
6 Simple Tips To Build Connection With Customers In Automated Email Marketing For Greater ROI

Automated marketing offered businesses something almost irresistible: the ability to send out emails on a schedule without having to devote any labour to the process. Automated emails save businesses money…

fundamental customer experience principles
7 Fundamental Principles Of Creating A 10/10 Customer Experience

In the past, businesses found it much easier to compartmentalise customer experience. It began when they walked through the front door and ended when they walked out. But today, thanks…

customer journey map template
Building a Customer Journey Map Template: The Step-by-Step Process

The strongest marker of business success is sales conversions. What if we told you there’s a way to increase sales by being more strategic about customer experience? It all starts with…

service experience
Coming Back for More: How To Create A Great Customer Experience Strategy

Recent surveys have shown that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer service experience. Which is why it’s worth taking the time to find ways…

bad user interface
The Importance of User Experience (and the problem with a Bad User Interface)

You have about 15 seconds to impress a website visitor. That’s the average time someone will spend on your site before clicking away. Your site has a lot to do…