grow your business questions
7 Questions You Need to Answer Before You Grow Your Business

* Guest Post by Jock Purtle * Running a business is a rewarding and exciting experience. However, life as an entrepreneur can be very challenging too. Not only do you need…

benefits of content marketing
6 Benefits of Content Marketing

You know that having a content marketing strategy is something that every business, no matter the industry or market they’re attempting to take over, prioritises. Still, you can’t seem to…

how to do seo on your own
How to Do SEO On Your Own: 14 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

The world of SEO is ever-changing. What gets you to the top of the ranks one day won’t necessarily work the next, especially if you’re not keeping an eye on…

9 Quick Tips to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

This article was originally posted on Digital Mums Directory, June 2018.   The best digital marketing strategy is the one that converts – right? But how do you make that…

SEO featured snippets
What are featured snippets and how do they affect your Google ranking?

Featured snippets have been implemented by Google since 2015 and show up as a ‘snapshot’ of what an internet user has been looking for. Snippets appear as an extract of the most relevant website in response to a specified search. There are many steps a website can take to optimise their chances of appearing in the featured snippet.

How to analyse for business process improvement opportunities
How To Analyse For Business Process Improvement Opportunities

We may have mentioned this before, but for most business owners one of the main aims for their business is to grow. Business process improvement, or basically helping your business…

Benefits of blogging for business
10 Benefits of Blogging for Business and Why You Should Start Taking It Seriously!

Often the ‘blogger’ is a stereotyped hipster character taking photos for their ‘food blog’ or telling people that they are a blogger as a career (followed by much eye-rolling by…

13 Free Content Marketing Activities That Deliver The Biggest Impact
13 Free Content Marketing Activities That Deliver The Biggest Impact

To grow your business, you need to draw in more customers. You also need to make sure potential customers engage with your business so you can keep their attention. While…

Understanding Business Optimisation
Understanding Business Optimisation

The vast majority of major businesses have large budgets devoted to technological advancements and improvements. While no one would argue that these sophisticated IT systems are a waste of money,…

The Difference between email marketing and newsletters
The Difference Between Email Marketing and Newsletters

One of the most valuable things you can do in business today is obtain an email address. With the use of an email address and email marketing software, you can:…

Easy ways to sell when you hate selling
Easy Ways To Sell When You Don’t Like Selling

A big part of business is selling, even if you don’t have a product or a store. Succeeding in business means getting clients or customers to engage with your brand,…

How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel
How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel

A while back I was blogging about how to start a vlog, and I wanted to follow up on that with some great advice on creating a really solid platform…