Is your Customer Experience THE thing preventing conversions and stunting your business growth???

Did you know that…

Loyal customers are 7x as likely to test an offering, 5x as likely to buy again and 4x as likely to refer. (Temkin)

BUT, businesses with an outstanding customer experience:

  • outperform their competitors by nearly 80%,
  • retain a higher share of customers,
  • have customers that are 7X more likely to purchase more from their business,
  • have customers who are 8X more likely to try other products or services,
  • and customers who are 15X more likely to spread positive word of mouth. (Qualtrics)

PLUS 67% of consumers say they’ll pay more for a great experience. (Salesforce)

Sounds good right ?

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This self-assessment will help you to identify areas that need improvement within your business so that you:

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✓ increase customer loyalty and referrals

✓ grow your bottom line

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