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Our recent survey of small business owners revealed that…


are frustrated with the amount of time they spend on social media for little return.


do not track the progress or results of their marketing efforts or website performance


say their number #1 issue with marketing is lack of conversion

Are you looking to get a better ROI from your time, energy and money spent marketing your business?

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to know how to…

Get more clicks through to your website

Boost engagement on your Facebook page

Have more subscribers open and engage with your newsletters

Know what content to create and when that will engage more of your ideal customers

Feel confident that your marketing has purpose, direction and WORKS!

“Robyn knows how all online marketing fits together (social media, SEO, email marketing and more), not just one thing and what’s going to work best for your business.

DRIVE gives you so many ideas as well as a purpose and a plan to implement them.”


Let’s face it, when you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing is working you can feel like a failure.

BUT that’s not the case.

With an arsenal of shortcuts and tricks of the trade you can master your marketing and get back to doing more of the work you actually LOVE doing.


That’s where the DRIVE program comes in!

DRIVE! is a 4 part self-study program for small business owners
who want to get better results from their time spent marketing their business online.

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At the end of the program you will…

Know how to develop and execute an effective online marketing strategy

Have a clear vision of how you can grow your business online

Understand how to find and connect with your followers and customers for greater engagement and conversion

Spend less time trawling through social media for leads, and know how to attract customers to YOU!


4 Core Training Modules

Social Media

Email Marketing

Website & Analytics

Content Strategy

Workbook & Tracking Sheets

Planning & Tracking Spreadsheets

Nothing exists until it is measured so you will receive tracking spreadsheets to make note of where you’ve been and monitor where you are going.

You will also receive a content planning workbook and spreadsheet to build out everything you’ve learnt into a solid strategy to market and grow your business online.

“DRIVE has definitely changed the way I approach online marketing for my business!
More deliberate, less throwing around random content, more direction.”


Learn + Implement + Excel

As you learn the fundamentals each week of the program, you will implement along the way to keep you on track. This will help you to truly grasp each marketing concept, adapt them for your business, and execute the strategies for long-term momentum for your business.

Develop your skills in…

Social Media Marketing for greater engagement and reach
Email Marketing for more opens and clicks
Improving Customer Experience for more repeat buyers and referrals
Website Optimisation to make it easy for people to buy from you
Understand Google Analytics + SEO for increasing conversions
Strategic Content Planning for attracting more of the right clients

What previous participants are saying…

lynette delane

You provide soooooooooooooo much information, if anyone ever says they don’t get value you out of your programs, it will almost certainly be their own fault.

A lot of coaches only know a small section of what you teach, but you know how it all fits together and what’s going to work best for each of our businesses.

My biggest take-aways from this program were understanding the power of analytics and learning how to automate as much as you can on secondary social media so you’re still getting reach without adding too much effort.

andrea kaldy video editing

I’ve learnt that data is not that scary and that I can do a lot of stuff even with the basic knowledge and understanding now that I know the context of the data I’m looking at.

I finished this course feeling more motivated and confident. I would say “just do it” to anyone considering this course!


Are you ready to develop your digital marketing skills to DRIVE! more traffic, engagement and conversion?!

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What It Will Cost You to NOT Take This Course…

If you are thinking to yourself:

“This all sounds amazing but I just can’t afford to take this course right now, my business isn’t making much money yet.”

I completely understand this issue. Most start-up business owners aren’t evening paying themselves let alone have enough left over for training. I’ve gone through those times myself, too. However…


You can’t afford not to take this course!


Chances are you are wasting hundreds of hours and probably thousands of dollars every year, on strategies and “shiny objects” that aren’t moving your business forward!

It’s time to change that. DRIVE can help you change that! 

I want to see you earning a great living doing more of the work you are passionate about! I want to help you achieve that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have time for this program?

Simply put: Yes. How much time and energy do you currently waste trawling social media hoping for a lead? How much time and frustration could you save by knowing exactly what content to deliver that will attract, engage and convert more of your ideal customers? PLUS think of the time and money you will save because you will know how to track and monitor your marketing progress.

What do I need to have before starting this program?

You will ideally need to have a website for your business, use social media and email marketing for your business, have a basic understanding of spreadsheets, and have (at least some kind of) an idea of why you are in business and what your 12 month plan is.

I am still in start-up, is this course right for me?

Start-up would be an ideal time to do this course because you can fast-track your success. Learning this content at the beginning of your business journey will save you so much time, energy and money in the long run!

How much work will I need to do?

There is no set requirement on your participation as this is a self-study program, but it’s recommended to watch the 4 masterclass recordings (approx 40-60 minutes each) and allow yourself at least the same amount time in analysing and implementing each module.

Set aside a few hours one day a week for four weeks to pace yourself, or cram and implement in 10 hours.

If you do want to invest more time in planning, research and experimentation then by all means do so, you will get to reap the rewards!

Is there any 1:1 time?

No, this is a self-study program. If you wish to back this learning with some 1:1 training or consulting, please get in touch and we can work out a schedule for you.

How do we get help during the program?

If you get stuck during the course you can reach out for support at

Is this for service or product-based businesses?

The content can be applied to any business who is currently in the online space or thinking of branching into online marketing for their business.

I already have a VA/team who does this for me, will I benefit from this?

YES. This course will give you a solid direction to lead your team forward into 2018. It will also give you the knowledge you need to monitor your marketing performance to know what may need improving or leveraging at any given time, maximising your return on investment.

I’m not that techy, is this course technical?

This course will not be teaching the basics, although there is an element of how-to training, it does require a basic working knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, email marketing, and updating your website.

I’m still in start-up, is this for me?

This program is definitely suitable for start-ups who want to get ahead sooner rather than later. The training is also applicable to more experienced business owners who just aren’t seeing the results they would like to online.

What kind of results will this program get me?

Greater reach, engagement, and conversions. Increasing followers, subscribers, leads and sales. As with anything, getting results will require consistent action, marketing is not going to happen on it’s own. This course is designed to show you how to create an effective digital marketing plan AND execute and track its performance long after the course is complete.

Why learn from me?

I walk the talk. What I teach in this program is how I get results in not only my business but for numerous clients around the world – in a wide range of industries. The content and learnings are valuable to you and your business not just now, but forevermore. I hold certifications in business, a degree in communication design & multimedia, and over the past decade completed many advanced digital marketing certifications. I’ve got lots to share, and I really love to help people achieve their goals, share their awesome-ness with the world and build their business – all at the same time.

Who created the program?

Robyn Kyberd, founder of Optimise and Grow Online, is the host of the program. She is a long-time serial entrepreneur with a degree in communication design & multimedia, completed advanced training with some of the world’s best digital marketers, and has started, built and sold a number of businesses over the past 10 years. She has worked with clients from a wide variety of industries and has come to understand human behaviour and how to harness these insights in marketing.

I have created this intensive program because I want more solopreneurs to:

  • understand how they can find, connect, engage and convert more of their ideal customers in the online space – the easy way! before investing in advertising!
  • have a marketing strategy that works for them AND their target clients!
  • create and deliver content that builds their business – not just now but for as long as you are in business!
  • realise their true potential just by learning some key strategies and of course some tricks of the trade!

I want you to get results like these too…

DRIVE! offers ideas and strategies you can implement FAST for great results.

This training focuses on efficient and effective strategies to:

build your reach & online presence

attract & drive more traffic to your website

improve client engagement & conversion

learn how to set and measure your success metrics easily so that you can monitor your results and continue growing your business long-term.

DRIVE more traffic, engagement and conversion to grow your business!

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