Personalised business development & digital marketing advice to optimise and grow your business.

As an online marketing expert with extensive experience, I collaborate with business owners, marketing managers and virtual assistants to brainstorm, inspire and direct the marketing initiatives. I help clients find and apply the tactics, messages and communication tools that will reach the right audiences.

From lean start-ups through to established companies, there is always room for optimisation and growth.

Does optimization sound Chinese to you? No worries.

In short, optimization is the continual action of making the most effective use of a situation or resource.

With that said, I specialize in analysing business and marketing operations to seek out opportunities to improve profitability.

From big picture strategy and positioning; to the “how to” direction to use social media effectively for your business; to aligning the offline and online brand; I provide what’s needed to focus efforts where they will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

As your business and marketing mentor I am the sounding board and catalyst for new ideas and action-oriented, results-producing marketing.

Being a business myself, I know how important clients and their satisfaction are, and so, I aim to give advice and share proven strategies that will grow your business with clients who rave and refer.

As your business and marketing mentor I can help you build an outstanding online presence that supports your brand, your business, and that delivers results.

Strategy sessions with me can include, but are not limited to:

  • business development and digital marketing strategies
  • investigating and understanding insights and analytics
  • improving customer experience and value
  • online business growth strategies
  • optimising your online presence
  • understanding how to be found on Google
  • attracting more desirable traffic to your website
  • effective use of social media and email marketing for your business
  • improving engagement with social followers and subscribers
  • online conversion and selling strategies
  • gaining insight into where to optimise your website for maximum impact
  • audit, develop and learn SEO strategies
  • attracting ideal clients
  • optimising your profits and generating revenue
  • how to make your online business work FOR you, not the other way around
  • start, grow and sell a lean online business

Optimise, Generate, Convert & Grow.
Let’s work together to make your business thrive online!

helen marshall
We start from where you’re at, define what your goals are, and then create and implement plans to achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently.