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Happy new year!

I always like to look back on the past year and review what went well (and what didn’t), especially with regards to my business.  The year flew by but we still managed to get a lot done including sticking to our weekly content creation plan.

There are so many things I could talk about from the year gone by, but I’m going to keep it simple and just share with you our most popular articles from 2018. These articles are the ones that resonated with everyone the most, the ones that received the most amount of organic traffic.

I’d love to hear in the comments if any of our articles resonated with you this year, and if there are any specific topics you would you like to read about in 2019? 

15 Most Popular Articles of 2019

25 Growth Mindset Quotes For Entrepreneurs

A growth mindset is where we believe that we learn and build on our knowledge base without getting bogged down with setbacks or failure. Do you worry about stumbling blocks or do you see it as an opportunity to advance your skill set and do things differently next time?

Here are 25 of the best growth mindset quotes, to keep you going.

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Great Questions To Ask BEFORE Starting A Google AdWords Campaign

I assume you are here because you are thinking about starting a Google AdWords Campaign. You may be sceptical of advertising in this way or unsure of where to start… but I’m sure you want to know how to create a successful campaign. Well, you’re in the right place.

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How To Use Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning For Easy Growth

Focusing on your audience not only ensures your offerings have the most commercial appeal possible, but also that your marketing message is really focused, and more likely to achieve success.

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Social Media And Google Ad Conversion Rates Made Easy

Despite the obsession so many online marketers have with conversion rates, benchmarks, and optimisation, recent studies have shown that only around 22% of businesses feel their conversion rates are satisfactory. It seems like a lot of people are unhappy with the rate of conversions they achieve through marketing and advertising on social media and Google AdWords, but that doesn’t mean social media marketing and PPC advertising isn’t delivering great results.

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How to Build an Online Presence for Your Startup Business

Even if you have a ground breaking product, you need to help people find you across different mediums online. What you need is an online presence that builds brand awareness.

In this post, we’ll look into how you can build an online presence the right way for long-term success of your startup.

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7 Ways To Improve Customer Buying Frequency

Most sources estimate a new customer costs between 4-10x more than retaining an existing customer*. Multiple sources also state that profits are significantly higher for companies who invest in customer retention and not just acquisition^. And anyone in business loves to make a profit…. So the big question here is: How can you convert your existing leads and customers into multi-buyers?

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10 Things You Need To Know About Your Customers

In business, we all want to create amazing offerings that continually attract great customers who love your work. So how do make sure your offering is what your customer wants or needs, and how do you make your offering irresistible?

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You need to understand your customer.

Simply by answering the following 10 things about your ideal customers you will be ensuring that your product or service offering AND your marketing efforts are on-point.

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5 Easy Ways To Ensure You Have A Consistent Online Brand

Ensuring consistency across your brand can be a bit of a nightmare. You want to grow your online presence and have your fingers in a lot of pies – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, the list of social media site alone is seemingly endless.

Then there’s your website to consider. Email marketing, advertising campaigns…

You want to take advantage of it all (and you should!), but it’s vital to do so with a completely consistent brand presence.

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8 Steps To Stress-Free And Easy Social Media Management

If you’re a digital marketer it’s extremely difficult to hang up your social media management hat, and paying someone else to manage a comprehensive and effective social strategy isn’t always an option – especially for new business owners.

So how do you navigate the horrors of social media management without tearing your hair out?

Here’s an easy, stress-free, eight-step plan for establishing a simple but effective social media marketing strategy.

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How To Setup An Easy Lead Generation System That Works

Few things are constant in life, but when you’re an entrepreneur there are certain things you can depend on. The endless need to generate leads is one of them.

No matter how successful you become, no matter how many clients you attract, or how good your retention rate is, you need to constantly attract new prospects.

You also need a reliable and automated system for generating and nurturing those leads(unless you are super amazing at keeping track of all the sticky notes and emails and sending the same info out on repeat…).

If the very thought of introducing tech into your business is terrifying, please read on, I have the perfect solution for you.

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5 Things You Need BEFORE Outsourcing Your Web Development

Your website is the hub, heart and soul of your business. It’s the centre of your online marketing. The right website can even catapult you to success… but for a lot of business owners, they are a major source of stress. If you’re not careful, you can easily waste a MASSIVE amount of time and effort trying to build a site on your own, only to find it doesn’t work or doesn’t capture the right “feeling” you want to share.

Making the decision to outsource your web development to a professional may seem like a no-brainer, but to some, it carries an equal amount of stress.

Here are five things to know about hiring a professional web developer, and how to ensure your website project is completed to your satisfaction.

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13. Online Advertising: Facebook vs AdWords vs Twitter vs Pinterest

The Experiment: 1 ad for the same lead magnet, $5/day per platform, similar targeting (as close as possible), set to run for 14 days.

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The Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & AdWords

The Content: Free Guide:  Top 10 DIY SEO Basics

Note: The ad graphics were slightly different on each platform as different sizes and rules apply for each advertising platform.

Targeting: These ads were all to cold traffic. I kept my targeting and messaging as close as possible on each platform for the purposes of the experiment.

Check out this article for all the results!

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How To Boost Your Engagement & Organic Reach On Facebook

As a platform, Facebook is rapidly growing in its abilities. But their recent shift to focus more on advertising and the provision of excellent benefits for advertisers is a double-edged blade for business owners.

If you’re advertising on Facebook, you can achieve amazing results. But if you don’t want to advertise, everything has got a lot trickier. This post will cover exactly how to boost your engagement and organic reach without paying for ads.

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Digital Marketer or VA – Who To Hire For Online Marketing

Recently I’ve seen quite a number of Virtual Assistant businesses offering digital marketing services… well it looks like that on the surface… so much so that as a Digital Marketer I started to think that a lot of the promotion I was seeing was blurring the lines between the two roles. Two roles which I had previously thought were vastly different were suddenly appearing to offer very similar services to clients.

This made me wonder that if I was thinking this about the offers on display, what is the perception of other people in my network… Do they recognise a difference between the two? So I asked the question: What do you see is the difference between a Virtual Assistant (VA) and a Digital Marketer?

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InstaBoss: How To Automate And Attract Instagram Leads

Lead generation is one of those tasks that can leave you feeling like an exhausted hamster, perpetually spinning in her wheel. It’s a seemingly endless necessity of entrepreneurship and frequently feels both thankless (because some of those leads inevitably turn you down) and harrowing.

Let’s face it, generating quality leads isn’t easy.

Instagram is one social media platform that’s frequently overlooked by entrepreneurs (especially those who don’t run product-based businesses).

But guess what?  Instagram is making entrepreneurs and business owners billions of dollars every year.

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