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Online Marketing Tips & Recommended Reading

There is an abundance of articles out there on the internet all about online marketing… the how-to’s, best practices, new technology, growth strategies, new algorithms… the works!

I know that you don’t have hours and hours to browse the internet for new, relevant and quality marketing information… you’d much rather be serving your clients, making your products or honing in on your own zone of genius.

So to save you time and energy, I am bringing the good content straight to you.

Below is a list of the most useful online marketing articles I’ve read this month that I think you’ll find useful too.

And, if you’re really time poor this week I’ve included the most useful snippets of information from the articles so you can fast-track your learning.

Check them out…

The Best Of My Online Marketing Reading List for August

online marketing social media tips

1. 8 tactics for extending the life of your best blog posts –

Best online marketing advice from this article:

  • You should be sharing your posts multiple times on multiple social networks, for the simple fact that news feeds are transitory and there is A LOT of content published each day.
  • Repackaging your post into a simpler forms like a slideshow, video, infographic or e-book encourages others to find your blog content and share it to their own audience.
  • Email courses are an effective distribution method for your blog posts because they remind people you exist, and that you are an expert.

online marketing content marketing ideas

2. 14 Blog Growth Hacking Tips that you can implement today –

Best growth hacking advice from this article:

  • Write blog posts and articles that answer common questions that people are asking about your industry and topics. Google will reward your site in search results because you’ve successfully given the visitor exactly what they were looking for.
  • Use ’emotional’ words in headlines to invoke curiosity and get the click.
  • Add anchor text call-to-action in the body copy, test your CTAs and optimise the body copy to convert more visitors into leads.

3. How to create awesome blog topics that your audience will love –

Best content creation ideas from this article:

  • Write answers to the questions you get asked all the time. These kinds of articles are more specific, they attract your perfect customer, and they nurture your existing clients.
  • Get blog post ideas from researching keywords your competitors are ranking for.

online marketing create value help people

4. 40 pro tips to improve your content marketing –

Best content marketing tips in this article:

  • Focus on creating value and help people.
  • Commit to a format that is repeatable, schedule your content and commit to the execution.
  • Understand your audience and profile the problems your business can solve in first person language.
  • Have strong opinions.
  • Keep your content relevant and useful.
  • Upcycle and recycle your best content.
  • Never make a testimonials page, include testimonials on every page.
  • Create a strategy and remember your purpose.

online marketing launch is crucial

5. The #1 factor to our podcasting success –

Best podcasting advice from this article:

  • The launch is crucial to your podcasting success.
  • On iTunes you have 8 weeks to prove you have a podcast worth listening to, so a successful launch and continually generating buzz is very important.
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online marketing reading list traffic optimisation

6. 10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic –

Best search marketing advice from this article: 

  • Your robots.txt file can be blocking crawler access to critical pages.
  • Filter bot traffic in Google Analytics to view more accurate data. Bot traffic can skew results to show increased page views, a high bounce rate, low conversions and a low average time on page.
  • If you have changed URLs around on your site add 301 redirects to lower your 404 errors.
  • Add annotations to Google Analytics of any big promotions or changes in business direction that could contribute to increased traffic or change in user behaviour.
  • New Google Ad placements in search results can mean lower rankings for your website.

online marketing customers sales strategy

7. Why your information product isn’t selling (and how to fix it) –

Best online sales advice from this article:

  • Assumptions aren’t facts. Make sure YOUR audience is actually looking for, or clearly understands that they NEED, your offering.
  • If your info product does solve your audience’s needs, then your marketing approach is what’s holding you back. Marketing an info product has to be a consistent, relentless, strategic and well thought-out process.
  • There are 4 types of buyers: Worried buyer, hesitant buyer, carefree buyer, and pessimistic buyer. Your marketing strategy should be able to relieve the worries and fears of these four different personas, both during and after the launch.
  • Without customers, you don’t have a business. Put your customers first.
  • People buy things they have a connection with; things that resonate with them. Your audience need to know that your product was created especially for them.
  • Caring about your customers shouldn’t stop as soon as they click the buy button, it should continue. Create systems of support.

online marketing reading list website optimisation

8. Are You Optimizing Your Site When You Should Be Optimizing Your Traffic? –

Best optimisation and testing advice from this article: 

  • When the pros and cons of Page Testing vs Driving Traffic are compared, page testing and optimisation comes out on top as best priority for getting the biggest bang for your buck. The theory being that no matter how much traffic you drive to your site, if you don’t optimize your conversion rate, your return-on-investment will never improve.
  • Most companies spend the majority of their advertising budgets driving the wrong traffic traffic to their site. Traffic optimization is the art of getting the right traffic to your site.
  • In the average AdWords account, conversions come from just 6% of the keywords in the account. The other 94% of keywords produce no conversions, contribute to approximately 72% of the campaign clicks, and ultimately drive traffic that doesn’t convert resulting in a great waste of time and money.

online marketing reading list hannah mang

9. 6 Copy Editing Techniques To Skyrocket Your Conversions –

Best content editing advice from this article: 

  • Write out ALL of your content. Leave it for a while. Then come back and edit with fresh eyes.
  • For every sentence, question ‘Who cares?’ and ‘What does it mean for my customer?’. For any copy that doesn’t meet these things, delete it or rework it.
  • Break up long sentences, no one has time for those.
  • If you want to convert, you need to connect. If you want to connect, you need to write like you speak.
  • Remove jargon.
  • Use better verbs.
  • Remove all of the unnecessary words.
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online marketing search engine optimisation

10. How to rock at keyword research like a boss –

Best pieces of SEO advice from this article:

  • Optimise each page and post for a particular (researched) keyword phrase.
  • Head keywords are relatively useless, body keywords are better, long-tail keywords are the best. A mix of all is ideal.
  • Good keyword phrases have 3 things in common: they make sense, they have traffic volume, and there is relatively easy competition.
  • It depends on what you want to do with the traffic that determines whether a keyword is good.
  • Don’t over-optimise your content, keep it relevant and ensure it makes sense.

Happy Reading! 

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