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shoutout from laura elkaslassy

Before I met Robyn I had no idea what SEO was really, let alone what to do with it! All I knew was that it could help me create more traffic to my website.

After working with Robyn there were instant changes, even during our call. My website is now actually coming up on Google properly and I have enormous clarity around what I now need to change and implement to make use of SEO.

The process of working with Robyn was very easy and clear. She outlined not only what things were clearly but in a way that was extremely easy to understand and implement.

I got so much benefit from our session that I can now implement into other areas of my business too. The SEO training was just the tip of the iceberg!

Robyn is proficient in what she teaches; she outlines the need for what is taught as well as the benefit of implementing the suggestions, and she does all this in a patient way that is easily understood.

Chalene Belliza – Confidence Coach at Neliza-K Coaching

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Since working with Robyn our website is in a much better condition and we have increased conversions.

We have found the process of working with Robyn – Awesome! Communication is very clear – Robyn gets straight to the point without messing around. Very happy with end result.

The most rewarding outcomes have been fresh ideas, sharing of knowledge, willingness to work together, and achieving goals.

We would recommend Robyn because of her prompt response, clear communication, addresses issues as soon as they arise, affordable, quality work, knows limits of what can and can’t be done.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Robyn. She’s brilliant! Robyn has an exceptional technical ability and easily overcomes online challenges. We are very happy with the results and will continuing working with Robyn on an ongoing basis.

JESI 2017
Robyn has helped me overcome many a hurdle to keep my business running smoothly whilst offering advice on how to grow, refine and strengthen my business. Robyn has been fantastic to work with; always so approachable, full of advice and pro-active.
I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone that needed website management, website development and online business advice.

Handmade Kids

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helen marshall primal alternative

I first came to Robyn because I was spending a lot on Facebook ads and not getting the results I wanted. I have to say that I found her advice to be PURE GOLD.

I found the process of working with Robyn to be Awesome. No BS. Prompt. Friendly and professional. I would recommend her because she is so on to it.

Helen Marshall – Primal Alternative


“I came to Robyn to fine-tune my online presence. I was given some tips and advice on how to better communicate what I’m selling, and how to match it with my potential clients. I was pleased to be able to get a lot out of a short length of time. Just think of what Robyn could do over the long term!

The most rewarding outcomes from working with Robyn was probably the adaptability and treating me and my business as a unique entity. Robyn is easy going and is able to adapt to businesses of any shape or size.”

Louise Kozlevcar – Kinfolk Creative


“I AM LOVING WORKING WITH YOU – thank you for being awesome. You have done an amazing job and have been so quick to get it all done. It has helped us immensely.”

“I’m blown away by how easy she makes the whole process. She provides exactly what I need without me even knowing I need it! I highly recommend her. She’s awesome.”

Laura Elkaslassy – Adroit Business Solutions


“(The Google Analytics Customer Insights Report) is absolutely fabulous! It gives such clear results, which is extremely helpful for my marketing.

Kerry Solomon – Nourished Yoga


“I like working with Robyn for a number of reasons. Robyn is super switched-on and provides a ‘what you need’ service for a great price. She always gets back to me quickly with a solution.”

Kylie Davis – Videographer & Copywriter


“Robyn is a smart biz lady who I have had the privilege of working with. I’m so excited about the cool things she is helping me do behind the scenes.”

Elle Roberts – Artful Business Community


“Thank you so much! I’m so pleased to be launching the site and exhibition. It looks spectacular.

Thank you so much for your patience with us: it’s been a big project, with a lot of different players and it’s so lovely to work with you. You‘re always so calm and patient.”

Dr Ariella van Luyn – JCU Lecturer


“I found the process of working with Robyn easy and worthwhile. She was able to pull together a clearer “big picture” view of marketing strategy and business needs for me.

Since working with Robyn I have clarity of direction in my marketing.”

Susanna Carpi – Life Coach at Ready Mindset Go

Mini Marketing Session Feedback – We used every minute of the consultation to cram in as much actionable information as possible and I ended up with a healthy to-do list that made perfect sense to me.

Robyn connected dots for me that seemed to have huge gaps in between them. It gave me more confidence in where I am going with my business.

I like Robyn’s direct style and the fact that there is no fluff in what she does. There is heaps of substance in her service and our call was 100% about helping me and my business.

SEO Training Session Feedback – I gained a solid understanding of the marketing power of SEO and how I can use some simple techniques to harness that power without having to engage a specialist with $$$.

Andrea Kaldy – Content Manager & VA at Virtualissimo

donohues townsville

“Jess and Margie were both very pleased with the (social media) sessions, there is plenty for them to work on. I definitely feel it’s worth doing further sessions.”

A Musumeci – Owner, Donohues

Townsville Builders Grady Homes

“I like that this side of my business (online marketing) just runs itself without my constant input”

G Caldwell – CEO Grady Homes


“I am thrilled with the new website – it looks great!”

A Elliss – Principal, Sturt Business Centre

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“Thanks for all you do for my website. I do not have the skills to do it.”

G Weckert – Owner, Windfall Accommodation